Balmoral Men – Supporting CPEC with Equipment

If you missed Jo Hall’s heart warming story last night (30 October) on Channel 9 News you can watch it here. It talks about the important work that the men from the Balmoral Retirement Village do by volunteering their time to build essential wooden therapy equipment for children at CPEC.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us to offer donations of supplies (eg, wood, glue, nails). Bruce Pennicott and his wood work team need both craft wood and pine wood – they use softwood in all sizes. Bruce is happy to take calls on (03) 9801 4980 if you would like to confirm what they need.

You can make money donations to CPEC to support our and the Balmoral men’s equipment needs here.

If you would like to support CPEC’s equipment needs in any other way (eg, donating your skills and services) please feel welcome to email us and we’ll refer you to the right person.

CPEC, Bruce and his team have been overwhelmed by the public interest and support that has come from the news story. CPEC and the families we support are very grateful for the Balmoral men’s support and Channel 9 and Jo Hall for their story highlighting the wonderful, generous work these amazing, inspirational men do.