Coronavirus COVID-19 – Health and Safety

Department of Health hotline 1800 020 080 (24/7)

19 March 2020

CPEC is continuing to support participants and their families, and wants to reassure you that its current procedures are in accordance with the daily advice and information provided by the Australian Department of Health and the World Health Organisation relating to Coronavirus (COVID -19).

CPEC already works with a variety of medically complex participants every day and takes their personal health and safety seriously.  Like all health centres, CPEC already takes extra precautions to keep our participants and staff well.

CPEC wishes to put your mind at ease with some basic tips to stay healthy:

  • Hand-washing is your best self-defense against the spread of germsUse the “20-30 second” rule for you and your children.  As a backup, CPEC has additional antibacterial hand sanitiser readily available for you and your child around our centre and posters to show the correct hand washing technique.
  • Wipe down your personal toys or any belongings your child uses during therapy, before and after their therapy session.  If you need sanitising wipes and don’t see any out, ask your therapist.
  • Please stay home if you, your child, or anyone in your household is not feeling well, especially if you have a fever, are coughing or sneezing or are experiencing shortness of breath.  If you arrive to therapy or develop any of these symptoms, you will be asked to leave until you are symptom-free for 72 hours and CPEC will require a medical certificate prior to returning.
  • Help us keep the CPEC community safe by following Government travel guidelines.  If you have travelled to any of the countries identified by the Australian Government as having widespread sustained (ongoing) transmission of COVID-19, please refrain from coming into CPEC until you have self quarantined for at least 14 days.  You and your family may not attend CPEC until your local public health unit informs you that it is safe to do so, and CPEC will require a medical certificate.

Additionally CPEC is undertaking the following steps to keep our centre clean and safe:

  • Until further notice, CPEC’s sick policy now requires any child, parent or carer / support worker experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms to be free of symptoms for 72 hours prior to returning to therapy sessions.
  • Additional hand sanitising stations have been placed throughout the centre for your convenience.
  • CPEC’s therapists are being extra vigilant to ensure every mat, bench, toy, and piece of equipment used during your child’s session is clean and safe to use.  CPEC appreciates your assistance during the session if you can, so your child minimises missing therapy time.
  • Any staff member who is ill or shows symptoms of being ill will be sent home and will need to be free of symptoms for 72 hours prior to returning to the centre.  This may affect some schedules and CPEC asks for your understanding at this time.
  • CPEC is disinfecting all centre areas with hospital-grade cleaner regularly and have scheduled additional cleaning sessions.
  • If you are able to arrange for your other children, and additional family or friends that are not required for the care of the child to stay away from CPEC, it will be greatly appreciated.
  • As the virus is now appearing in many cities and communities around Australia, CPEC asks for families to be sensible, and follow the recommended guidelines from reputable sources when they are in their own homes and out in their communities.

CPEC will continue to keep you updated as any new information becomes available.

Thank you for your support to keep our CPEC family happy and healthy