Coronavirus COVID-19 – Health and Safety

Department of Health hotline 1800 020 080 (24/7)

14 June 2020

Services at CPEC: Moving Forward 12 June 2020


  • Telehealth is now an option parents can choose going into the future – so please feel that you can choose this option and continue to use this therapy service
  • Face-to-face individual services are now available at CPEC
  • PROMPT speech pathology is now available – the speech pathologist will wear a clear face shield similar to what dentists use
  • Home visits can now be resumed where goals for the participant are better met in the home environment with hygiene and distancing restrictions – described below
  • Daycare and kindergarten visits can resume with hygiene and distancing strategies in place – described below
  • School visits can begin again, but it will be up to each school what rules and procedures they have put in place as to which visits can proceed and when. Telehealth can be utilised for support into schools where the school has restricted visitors entering the building, but this again is up to the school to approve and advise when they are happy for this to begin and under what format.
  • Group programs will begin again the week commencing Monday 13 July (beginning of school Term 3)


  1. Reception: 

On arrival at CPEC please remain in your car, call Reception on 9650-0700 and wait for the receptionist to come to your car.  On entering the building each person is required to use sanitiser and your temperature and your child’s temperature will be taken and recorded.  If it is 37.5deg or above (ADULT) or 38deg or above (CHILD) (after measuring 2 or 3 times), you will be asked to leave and get tested for COVID-19.

  1. Individual or group sessions:

Every CPEC room is sanitised prior to you and your child entering.  Every item is washed.  So, to reduce the huge increased workload in this area, if your child regularly uses a small quilt, arm and leg wraps, any towels or flannels, PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN, and take them home with you.  We cannot keep up with the washing and drying at the moment!  And we cannot share unwashed leg and arm wraps.

  1. Distancing and room bookings:

It is really important that you let us know if more people than you and your child are attending the appointment because the different sized rooms restrict the number of people who are allowed to be in them.  So, if you are bringing other people, we will book you a larger room.  Just let Reception know well before the appointment

  1. Home visits:

Each therapist will have a hygiene pack with them containing gloves, wipes, sanitiser, and infrared digital thermometer.  They will do a brief risk assessment over the phone prior to the visit which simply asks if there is anyone in home who is at all unwell, and if the area the therapist will be in has been wiped down with disinfectant wipes.  The therapist will check their own temperature prior to going on the visit.  When they enter the home they will take your and your child’s temperature.  Please do not feel offended if the therapist wipes down a surface during their visit.

  1. School, Kinder and daycare visits:

Hopefully these places all have their own good quality procedures.  However, the therapist will temperature check themselves and also bring their hygiene pack in case they need to use any items.

The CPEC therapists have been advised that if they feel at all uncomfortable about any situation or environment they are in, then they do not have to proceed with providing service.  We hope that you as parents will feel free to do the same and let us know of any issues you have. Thank you.

Thank you for your support to keep our CPEC family happy and healthy