As CEO of CPEC, I would like to thank all families for your ongoing understanding and support during the past few months and as we now adapt and move into COVID-19 Stage 4 Restrictions. 

It has been determined that essential CPEC services can continue with strict COVID safe adaptations.  Increased sanitisation and hygiene practices, the application of strict social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment by therapists will ensure your family’s safety.  Our current practices of temperature checking, hand sanitisation will continue upon entry to the centre.  However, we do need your support in completing the recording of visitor information and mobile phone numbers in order to comply with Government’s tracing requirements.

All people are now expected to wear face masks at all times in the education centre. 

Please note that during service, our staff will be wearing both face masks and face shields and we would recommend talking about this with your children.  This is for the safety of all involved.

Summary of Service operation from 5 August 2020

Individual services

  • Use of Telehealth using the Zoom platform is encouraged as much as possible where it is effective in delivering therapy outcomes
  • Essential individual therapy sessions will continue at the centre with minimised physical contact.   As a reminder please bring in your child’s own equipment – this may be a quilt, brush, arm wraps, leg wraps, etc
  • PROMPT therapy is being modified with a non contact approach being implemented
  • Mealtime assessments – Speech Pathology will continue with the use of face shields, face masks, PPE gowns and gloves, and mandated hand sanitisation

Home, kinder and school visits

  • Home visits – will be limited to essential services for occupational health and safety reasons and assessed on a case-by-case basis with compulsory use of staff COVID hygiene packs; which includes full PPE and a temperature check of all of the people in the home.
  • School/kinder/childcare visits – No visits until further notice

Group Programs

  • Early Intervention Group programs will be proceeding with the use of face masks and face shields, distancing and mandated hand sanitisation.  As a reminder, please bring in your child’s own equipment – this may be a quilt, brush, arm wraps, leg wraps, etc.
  • A microwave oven has been placed in the program room for reheating meals and drinks will be prepared by the program assistant. We ask that parents do not use the kitchen area to enable social distancing rules to be maintained.
  • Extended Education (Chat) – Groups will continue via telehealth.
  • Extended Education (Motor) – Telehealth options to be offered.

We clearly see the importance of fulfilling a care plan endorsed by the NDIS for the benefit of your children and their well-being into the future.  By working together we can all be safe and generate some fantastic outcomes for the children we all love and cherish.

Thank you again for your continued support as we adapt to the new level 4 restrictions and service changes. 

If you have any concerns please contact me.

Keep safe during this time

Claire Cotter CEO