Community Connections

Positively Impacting Local Communities

CPEC helps communities support and include children with cerebral palsy.

We support families from a wide range of backgrounds and locations around Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Our services are designed to support all aspects of children’s lives, and we do this by providing direct supports at their homes, pre-schools, kindergartens, schools, and key community connections.

Educating the Community

We teach people about cerebral palsy and the ongoing needs and potential of these children.

We educate a wide range of community and support groups, including schools, hospitals, educational communities, businesses, and the general public.

The Value of Community Connections

CPEC children are taught to reach the best of their abilities and see their own value.

When local communities engage with these children, this helps everyone see them as more than their disability and helps break down assumptions and prejudices about who they are and what they can achieve.

Our Community Connectionscommunity

CPEC is proud of our community connections:

  • The Communication Resource Centre collaborates with us to support people with complex communication needs.
  • Community organisations such as Lions and Rotary clubs have provided support to us for many years.
  • The Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Medical Centre work with us to supply orthopaedics, orthotics and prosthetics, dietary services, and radiology studies needed by children.
  • Monash University have partnered with us previously for research projects.
  • Three Melbourne based universities recruit our senior therapists to provide undergraduate lectures and workshops to help educate their students in the specialty area of cerebral palsy.
  • Student placements across secondary and tertiary levels of study are welcome at CPEC. We are currently partnered with three major Melbourne universities to support their student placements.
  • Pre-schools, kindergartens and schools that CPEC children attend work closely with us to receive the knowledge and assistance they need to support their students.