Mission & Aims

The CPEC vision is to enable people with cerebral palsy to live life on their own terms with the knowledge, skills and support they require to achieve their goals.

For children, what they learn at CPEC can increase their opportunities to engage in all aspects of school life, as well as improve their future employment possibilities and independent living opportunities.

For families, what they learn at CPEC can enable them to have the skills they need to raise their children with confidence, hope and direction for the future.

CPEC is dedicated to:

Excellence in Service Provision

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We provide services that:

  • Incorporate clinical knowledge and learning strategies to enable children’s participation, learning and development
  • Have a sound philosophical base for teaching life skills and successful inclusion strategies.

Strong Community Supports

communityWe ensure effective links with community settings, such as schools and kindergartens, to enable positive educational outcomes and inclusion for children and their families.

Professional Development

booksWe research, develop, promote and teach high-quality professional knowledge and practices that support children with cerebral palsy.