Working at CPEC

There are currently 38 employees working at CPEC in Glen Waverley. The majority are therapists who offer direct support services to children with cerebral palsy.

Jobs at CPECwork at CPEC

CPEC employs a dedicated team of employees. We have occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech pathologists; program assistants; and marketing and administrative staff.

Intensive training and mentoring are offered to our therapy staff, and we welcome new graduates. Our therapists work in multidisciplinary teams to support children and families. They are constantly developing their specialist skills, and learn valuable knowledge about the complementary disciplines represented in their teams.


work experienceWork Experience at CPEC

We accept secondary and tertiary students for work experience placements. Students are given the opportunity to participate in group programs, and assist in many aspects of our therapy services. To enquire about placements please call our reception on (03) 9560 0700 to be referred to the relevant senior clinician.

Volunteering at CPECvolunteer sml

Event opportunities. Most volunteers supporting CPEC do so through participating in our fundraising events. To find out more about these opportunities please contact our Events & Administration Officer, Michele Burns, on (03) 9560 0700 or at

Therapy support opportunities. We welcome volunteers to assist in our therapy group programs. Volunteers often take the role of an extra aide to assist the children and parents in our groups. Please call our reception on (03) 9560 0700 to be referred through to the relevant senior clinician.

Administration opportunities. We welcome volunteer enquiries for administrative positions. Please speak to our CEO, Claire Cotter, on (03) 9560 0700 if you would like to offer your services on a short or longer term basis.