Ways to Donate to CPEC

Donations are essential to us.

All money donated to CPEC goes towards covering the cost of supporting children, adults and their families who receive essential therapy services from our Centre, purchasing equipment that they can loan or trial, or assistance covering the costs of some equipment where they are not able to afford to do so.

We appreciate all the help you can give.

All donations $2 or more are tax deductible.


Direct Donations

There are THREE WAYS to donate directly to CPEC:

  1. Use our online donation portal
  2. Write a cheque to ‘The Cerebral Palsy Education Centre’ and post it to us at PO Box 211, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150
  3. Give a telephone donation via credit card by calling us on (03) 9560 0700.

payrollWorkplace Giving Program

Employees can have regular contributions deducted from their salary and dedicated to go to the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre. It is easy to organise, tax beneficial, and can be arranged through your payroll department. Here is some useful information about workplace giving to CPEC. We also have a convenient poster you can display around your office to promote the program to your co-workers!

Donations towards our Equipment & Teaching Aids (ETA) Fund
table equipment

Children with cerebral palsy require equipment & teaching aids to enable them to participate in daily activities that most people take for granted. Aids can be used to assist children to communicate, move, play and learn.

Buying aids can be expensive and also involves a lengthy process to receive any funding assistance that families may require to be able to afford what their child needs.

CPEC has an Equipment & Teaching Aids Fund which we use to buy equipment that can be loaned to families. Parents have the opportunity to trial equipment with their child before having to commit to an expensive purchase, and they can borrow equipment while they are waiting for any funding or ordering waitlists to be fulfilled.

Aids are not toys and certainly not a luxury; they are the child’s way of living what we call a “normal or typical life”. If children with CP do not get the help they need at a young age and in a timely manner they eventually lose the ability to learn new skills and movements, just like anyone else.

If you would like donate online to support CPEC’s equipment needs please click here.

You can also make a cheque payable to ‘Equipment & Teaching Aids Fund’ and post it to CPEC at PO Box 211, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150.

willBequest Donations

We welcome bequest donations to our Centre. You can be safe knowing that your legacy will bring ongoing support to the children and families we work with every day to teach them skills that will last them a lifetime.

There are different ways to give a bequest donation through your will, whether it be a set lump sum, a percentage of the residual of your estate, a percentage of your assets, or other alternatives as suits your means.

To make a bequest to CPEC in your Will, we suggest the following wording:

“<donation amount details> to be used for the general purposes of Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (ABN: 81 553 364 708, Address: PO Box 211 Glen Waverley VIC 3150, Ph: 03 9560 0700), free of all duties and testamentary expenses, and I direct that the receipt of the organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustee for the payment of this benefit.”

If you would like discuss your bequest donation, please speak to our CEO, Claire Cotter on (03) 9560 0700.

Fundraising Events

You can donate to us through one of our many fundraising events that we hold throughout the year. To find out more, please visit our Events Page.

questionDonation Enquiries

If you have any questions about donating to CPEC, please speak to our Finance Officer, Frida Timschenko on (03) 9560 0700.

Important: The Cerebral Palsy Education Centre do NOT solicit donations via the telephone, post, door to door, or through volunteers with shaker tins at locations (eg shopping centres) that aren’t our official fundraising events. If you have received a fundraising request via these methods from anyone claiming they are acting on behalf of CPEC, for your protection do not donate or supply your personal or banking details to them.