Volunteer for CPEC

Volunteers are very important to CPEC.

MM_4They support the activities and fundraising events that are needed to keep our Centre running.

Our fundraising events can’t run without volunteers to help organise and take part in the activities, and our costs are kept to a minimum through their support. This means that the most money raised can go directly into our service supports for children with cerebral palsy.

We have many varied volunteer opportunities that show people how essential our Centre is to supporting and educating children with cerebral palsy. It also lets people see how valuable volunteering is to our Centre and how it enriches the lives of our children and families in so many ways.

Volunteers find the experience very positive and eye-opening. Through their feedback we have been told that it builds community awareness, social conscience and empathy for the people we support.

Check out our Annual Events Calendar for ways you can volunteer during our fundraising events.

For volunteer enquiries please contact Sarah Bartels at events@cpec.org.au or (03) 9560 0700.

Work Experience Opportunitieswork experience

We accept secondary and tertiary student volunteer work experience placements.

We also accept early childhood and allied health professionals wanting to assist short term in groups for experience.

Please call our Reception on (03) 9560 0700 to be referred to the relevant senior clinician for your placement.