Mentoring with Melinda Smith

Mentoring with Melinda Smith

Melinda Smith lives with cerebral palsy, which has necessitated the use of powered wheelchairs and speech generating devices. Her focus is on advocacy, with responsibilities for the participation, personal rights and inclusion of people with significant speech and communication disabilities. Melinda is employed as a mentor and communication consultant and acts as an advisor to staff and students who have complex disabilities at schools and centres around Victoria.

Melinda is offering individual mentoring sessions to children, teenagers and young adults with cerebral palsy and/or users of AAC.

A session with Melinda could include:

  • Mentoring around AAC
  • Opportunity to talk to a fellow user of AAC
  • Supporting social interactions for people who use AAC
  • Social media – using it to benefit communication
  • Community access – going out, asking for help, transport, where can I go?
  • Melinda can also talk about her own life experiences with education, employment, living independently, family and friendships.

Melinda is also offering parent only sessions where Melinda can be available to discuss:

  • Movement and why it is so important
  • Imagination – how do we build on it and encourage it.
  • Sibling and child relationships and play – reflections on her own childhood experiences
  • Social media – it’s benefits and how to make it work for your child
  • Community access – how to help your child get out in the world
  • Or just the opportunity to meet and interact with a competent user of AAC.

Melinda’s availability:

  • Face to face sessions onsite at CPEC (Wednesdays 9am to 7pm)
  • Online via Skype or messenger (Mondays and Tuesdays between 7.30pm and 9.30pm)

Melinda’s services can be paid through NDIS. Please email CPEC Intake ( to book an appointment with Melinda. Please let us know if you require longer than a one hour session or your child is not yet receiving a package through the NDIS.

Melinda is also available to do sessions with siblings, peers, school staff, carers and extended family members. Please email Cassie to discuss your specific needs regarding these services and to discuss payment.