Mollii Suit at CPEC

CPEC is now a Mollii Suit agent – the first in Victoria!

In August 2019, CPEC’s CEO, Claire Cotter and Metier Medical’s Director, Grant Howells, were delighted to announce a new agency agreement for the Mollii Suita revolutionary technology suit which assists in the therapy and treatment of people with cerebral palsy and like disorders.

Claire stated, “In over 40 years of treating children with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities, I have never seen such marked improvement after one session of any treatment.  All people with CP should give it a go – it won’t cure CP, however there are significantly marked improvements in such a short time.”

The Mollii Suit, invented by Swedish research institutes in 2010, uses electrodes to stimulate movement and relax the muscles, and can be tailored to each person’s needs.  The suit comprises of a jacket and pants that contain 58 strategically placed electrodes.  It comes with a control unit that is individually programmed to the specific needs of each client.

Each electrode sends electrical impulses to the central nervous system, which the brain can recognise when it is awake.  The signal is undetectable to the user, although a few occasionally feel a slight tingling sensation.  With regular use, the wearer can increase their range of movements and do so with more comfort.  By improving their muscle tone, the suit can help the wearer gain more control over actions such as sitting, reaching, standing and walking.

Several of CPEC’s families participated in a successful 6 month trial in 2018, conducted by Monash University.  The changes perceived by parents included improvements in attention, energy levels, concentration, standing posture, joint positioning, motor skills and reduced pain.

CPEC staff have recently received formal training in the programming and use of the suit and are now including this new innovative technology into their therapy programs.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Mollii Suit or wish to have the opportunity to try this new technology, please call us on 03 9560 0700 or email

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