The CPEC Learning Place

 14.02.2017:  The CPEC Learning Place is currently being updated and will be available shortly.

Watch this space for a new and exciting range of online learning modules for parents and education staff.


Privacy Statement:

CPEC is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. Any personal information collected from your registration in the CPEC Learning Place may be used only to:

  • Process and maintain your enrolment in the Professional Development (PD) Online modules
  • Conduct in-house research in order to identify and analyse the ongoing needs of PD Online users. This research will keep user anonymity and will not be released publically.
  • Provide you with access to or information about current and future continuing professional development products and activities

External service provider, ELMO Learning, have access to all data present in the CPEC Learning Place as they are the providers and host of the software learning management system (LMS). They only access personal information if required to do so for the ongoing maintenance of the LMS, and they conduct their duties within the bounds of applicable Privacy Law.