Why Choose CPEC?

CPEC is the only specialised centre of its kind in Australia. We support children with cerebral palsy and similar conditions. Our unique programs and services are literally ‘Learning for Life’.

Children and their families learn skills and strategies that they can incorporate into all aspects of their daily lives.

This helps every child feel valued, become more involved in their community, and improves their future employment and independent living opportunities.

The value of these skills cannot be underestimated.

Please watch the video to get more insight on what CPEC does:

telephoneFor service enquiries, or to tour CPEC, please call our Intake Coordinator, on (03) 9560 0700. 

gold starOur Reputation

CPEC has an excellent reputation across many areas:

  • Families. Over the two decades that we have supported families, we have constantly heard the difference we have made to them; not only during the time they attend our Centre, but also well into the future. The skills we teach and therapy we provide offers them hope and opportunity that lasts a lifetime.
  • Communities. We are constantly approached by pre-schools, kindergartens, and schools to directly support them and their students, and we receive positive feedback about the difference our unique, practical approaches make.
  • Specialists. Specialists in the fields of paediatric disability often refer families to us as our therapists are considered experts at providing allied health services to children with cerebral palsy.
  • Government. We have positive relationships with the Department of Education and Training (Vic) and the NDIA. The Department of Education and Training continue to fund our professional workshop series that focuses on cerebral palsy and ways to best support the active participation of children. These are attended by schools, therapists, families, and others, and are always popular and considered highly valuable by participants.

Specialist Therapistswork at CPEC

CPEC’s highly skilled, professional therapists are experts in supporting children and families living with cerebral palsy.

CPEC has a strong focus on sharing knowledge and experience between staff, families and the community.

CPEC’s therapists have developed and presented innovative education and training programs and are requested as guest lecturers at universities, conferences and workshops domestically and internationally.

Unique ProgramsGroup (7)

CPEC offers families access to multidisciplinary teams of speech pathologists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists. These teams work collaboratively with families to identify and achieve their goals.

The team culture ensures all aspects of each child’s development and learning is fully supported.

CPEC programs align with the Victorian Early Years Standards and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

CPEC programs are holistic, with an emphasis placed on the development of the child’s personality, ensuring they have the skills, knowledge and attitude to become independent, positive contributors to society.

dynavox poddCommunication Expertise

CPEC considers communication for all children as a basic human right.  CPEC is a communication community for users of speech, sign and users of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

CPEC works collaboratively with families to ensure each child learns the best way to communicate.

CPEC’s speech pathologists are highly skilled in language challenges, PROMPT therapy for articulation challenges and the prescription and training of AAC systems.


School Inclusion Servicesschool

CPEC promotes and values inclusive education for all children.

CPEC works with families and children to prepare them to enter the school system, regardless of the setting they are entering.

CPEC supports the initial transition of students entering their local schools and can provide ongoing support to the school environment, helping   ensure the school can confidently meet the students’ needs.

Specialised Equipment Library

table equipment


CPEC  has an extensive, cutting edge, specialised equipment library accessible to families  accessing CPEC services.

The equipment library enables children and families to trial a range of expensive specialised equipment prior to purchasing their own.  CPEC has strong relationships with all major paediatric equipment suppliers.

CPEC is also supported by local volunteers who construct practical and specialised wooden equipment according to specifications supplied to them by our therapists, and every piece can be individualised to a child’s needs.

dollarFunding Assistance

CPEC provides ongoing support to families with their applications for funding to purchase equipment or supports for kindergarten and schools. We assist families to seek new funding streams to reduce their out of pocket costs.




CPEC takes proactive approach to supporting families.

CPEC actively represents family needs at government and early childhood forums, CPEC lobbies local politicians, and provides feedback to reform documents, new initiatives, surveys and inquiries.

CPEC also provides supports to parents who would like to present at local and national conferences so that their voices can be heard.